Golden Temple Trincomale

Golden Temple Trincomalee


A million golden rays of the sharp afternoon sun showered the land that shone with a sublime gaiety. Looming high against the sharp blue heavens stood a unique temple structure visible from far across the plains. The Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Kovil in Nilaveli, Trincomalee was a massive edifice mingling sky blue and sparkling gold, embellished with intricate carvings and colourful sculptures that unfailingly awed the approaching devotees. Taking the turn from the town of Trincomalee towards the popular Nilaveli beach we found ourselves speeding through a stretch of road that ran straight amidst grassy patches, a few scattered houses and dust coated shrubbery that lined either side. The Kovil was a few kilometres ahead strikingly noticeable in its vast structure on one side of the road.

trincomalee kovil

Sri Lakshmi narayana perumal kovil – trincomalee

The largest temple of “Lord Vishu” is in Nilaveli, Trincomalee. Awesome architecture. It is located on the roadside when you go to Nilaveli Beach from Trincomalee Town. This temple is an amazingly calm, peaceful, and pleasant place. It’s very beautiful inside and outside. The prayer and chantings are done in Telugu. A constant chirping of a few tiny birds will echo within the premises.

This unique temple structure is visible from far across the plains. It is painted with a blue and shiny gold color combination and also with wonderful carvings on many golden pillars that held the high dome and colorful sculptures which attracts the approaching devotees. Every Sunday they are providing free lunch (Annathanam) to all devotees.

The kovil is similar to a south Indian temple,as this was built by workmen and craftsmen brought down, especially from India.

The evening pooja or offering starts at 4 pm. The last of the six daily poojas is dedicated to the supreme deity Vishnu. Incense and lamps will be lightened during the evening pooja, the musical clinking of bells will also start when the pooja starts, steady beating of traditional drums and nadaswaram will bring happiness and satisfaction.

There is a vegetarian restaurant owned by the kovil authority which supplies standard tasty foods. You can enjoy the south Indian and north Indian vegetarian menus here. Plenty of parking space is available as this kovil covers a huge area.

trincomalee kovil
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